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Central Plant
Central Plant

Generation redesigned: Increase plant efficiency and rethink heat generation. Discussion topics will include condensing boilers, heat recovery chillers, heat pumps, CO2 water heating, strategies to optimize the plant operation, solar thermal hot water, and waste to energy. 

Please share your ideas on how to generate heat without burning fossil fuels. 

Thermal Storage with Phase Change For Condenser Water Systems

The focus usually for thermal storage is on Chilled Water, Domestic Hot Water, and sometimes Heating Hot Water. But let's think about this. What about condenser water? Why not use equipment dedicated to either producing chilled water or heating hot... (More)

What did you explore (during workshop 2) on eliminating combustion in hospitals?

I don't know of any hospitals in the US who have used solar thermal and liked it. I remember talking with people who experimented with systems during the 70s and found the systems did not work well, or took a... (More)

Central Plant

What do we know about "real" boiler loads and heating loads?


It seems like boilers, in a lot of cases, are not sized well to match their duty.

We've been trying to look at data on heating systems, Load = GPM * DT, and then comparing that to monthly natural... (More)