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I don't know of any hospitals in the US who have used solar thermal and liked it. I remember talking with people who experimented with systems during the 70s and found the systems did not work well, or took a... (More)

Charlie Ruschke
Decarbonization Engineering Intern

Throwback Thursday!

Remember the first time you heard the term 'World Wide Web'... remember how SLOOOOOW it was (I can only imagine)? Amazing how something with the initial reaction of "Vague, but exciting..." would completely transform how we live. Is there a... (More)

Eliminating hot water handwashing: Five reasons to act

An abstract from my recent AAH Academy Journal entry (see attachment for full article)

Health care planners, architects, and providers should consider eliminating hot water from handwashing fixtures for the following reasons:

1. Contrary to some prior suggested guidance, hot... (More)