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Minimize Reheat
Minimize Reheat

The first of the 3 R's, REDUCE! Reduce loads and level the playing field to decrease the lift. Discussion topics will include minimizing reheat, displacement ventilation, control strategies, better zoning, building analytics, building envelope, and improved heat exchangers, among others. 

Please share with us your other ideas to reduce the reheat load in a hospital.

Minimize Reheat
Steven Guttmann
Principal, Member of decarb:Healthcare Technical Advisory Committee

Chilled beam Systems

Chilled beam systems allow for reheat to be ELIMINATED. They have been used successfully in Western European hospitals for decades. Chilled beam systems have no moving parts, no filters to maintain, are simple to design and operate, and are relatively... (More)

How many spaces can we shut down HVAC at night ?


One of the biggest things I learned working with the Europeans on the net-zero guidebook was that they shut spaces down at night.

They cut the air to the admin wing, they cut the air to the day clinics,... (More)

How to design a VAV system in a hospital

Hospital air systems require a significant design effort. Each space must be assessed for minimum outdoor air ventilation, minimum total ventilation, and pressure relationship. Kaiser Permanente and Mazzetti worked together on a California Energy Commissioning research project “Advanced HVAC Technology... (More)