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Load Shifting
Load Shifting
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Charlie Ruschke
Decarbonization Engineering Intern

Throwback Thursday!

Remember the first time you heard the term 'World Wide Web'... remember how SLOOOOOW it was (I can only imagine)? Amazing how something with the initial reaction of "Vague, but exciting..." would completely transform how we live. Is there a... (More)

The benefits of solar PV are obvious and proven but one limiting factor with PV capacity is the available roof or parking lot space. But what if you could design PV in 3 dimensions instead of 2?

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of proven photovoltaic wrap products that are applied to glass? We came across an article recently where this was installed on a skyscraper in China.

New Tech/Study: Salt/Brine Humidification De-Humidification (HDH) instead of Steam.

Here is a study/technology to address removing the steam humidification in HVAC systems. This also has a benefit to be able to dehumidify if we can run the system in reverse during the summer/humid months.

Fuel Cell Maintenance

What maintenance is needed for fuel cells?